FPG Has Over 100 years of Combined Experience

When seeking out most services, most of tend to gravitate toward experience to help us make our decision. Professionalism and skill are important, and those who’ve been at it the longest tend to offer the best results. Experience is always crucial, but when it comes to safety, it’s downright paramount. Here at Fire Protection Group, our highly experienced team of engineers and technicians are leaders in their field and offer unrivaled knowledge and expertise. For the best fire control systems available installed by one of the best teams available, Fire Protection Group has your back.

Our lead engineer and general manager George Saadian has decades of experience in fire safety, and his knowledge has contributed toward active fire regulations. Under his leadership, Fire Protection Group is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable teams available. Whether you own a building that needs to be inspected, or are in need of new fire alarm systems Fire Protection Group will make sure your needs are met.

We have experience working in any style of building structure from high rises to small store fronts or homes. We also provide monitoring and regular inspection such as fire pump testing to make sure the equipment you have is always running optimally. We’ll help you identify the specific systems you need for you specific building and tailor them for you specifically from our in-house facility. Whether you need a sprinkler system, basic alarm, or stand pipes Fire Protection Group is here to help.