Former LAFD Chief Is a Leader at The Fire Protection Group, Inc.

As a former Los Angeles Fire Department Chief, Al Hernandez is well known amongst his community of peers. He has over three decades of experience, and has studied almost every facet of fire fighting as extensively as possible. This not only makes him a valuable member of the fire fighting community at large, but also a critical member of the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc.

The Fire Protection Group, Inc., whose leadership also consists of expert fire protection officials, George Saadian and Captain Bob Holloway, is knowledgeable in nearly every category of fire prevention systems. They know about, for example, standpipes and how to make sure they are installed as effectively as possible. This is important because standpipe systems help fire fighters have direct access to a water resource on the higher levels of multi-story buildings.

Along with standpipe systems, Al Hernandez, and the whole team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc., know about the best options for fire sprinkler systems and how to best install them. Fire sprinkler systems, like standpipes are extremely important because they help to deliver water immediately after a fire has broken out.

On top of fire sprinkler systems and standpipe systems, Al Hernandez also has extensive experience with NFPA25 testing and the changes it necessitates. NFPA25 testing is not well known amongst many average citizens, but in the fire fighting community, it’s known as being vital for helping to make sure that fire prevention systems are in working order and ready to active should the need arise. This is important not only because it could give fire fighters extra time to arrive on scene, but also protect a building’s inhabitants from getting injured.