For NFPA25 Testing Depend on Fire Protection Group

For the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, fire safety is an important issue that’s undertaken with the utmost care and stringency. As a dry and draught prone environment, fires can have devastating effects on both urban and rural areas alike. Recognizing this, to protect the property and wellbeing of local residents, comprehensive fire codes, such as NFPA25 testing, were placed into effect. To guarantee your building passes NFPA25 testing, the experts at Fire Protection group are who you should trust.

With over 200 years of combined experience, our certified technicians and engineers at Fire Protection Group have you covered with a skilled group of professionals that go above and beyond what other contractors can offer. Our lead engineer, George Saddian, has personally written many of the NFPA’s standards that have been incorporated into law. When it comes to fire safety, you can do no better than the experts who literally wrote the book.

In addition to inspection an ensuring your building is up to code, our dedicated team is a leading supplier of fire control systems such as standpipes, sprinklers, and alarm systems. We handle the installation for you, allowing you to make us your one stop choice for control systems. If you have a new building, our team won’t just install your system, but can help you create and design your plans. Our award winning engineering department has expertise on every style of building from corporate high rises to small single family homes. Whether you have a need for a smoke alarm or complex fire sprinkler systems, Fire Protection Group gets it done safely, efficiently, and on budget.