For Fire Alarm Systems, Count on Fire Protection Group, Inc.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we're an acclaimed provider of the services and equipment that are necessary to protect structures in Southern California from the ongoing threat of uncontrolled fire. In fact, we have over 200 years of combined experience protecting structures that range from sprawling university campuses to office buildings, skyscrapers and commerce centers to residential buildings. That's why, for services that range from installation of fire alarm systems to fire watch and consulting, there is no better option than our dedicated team.

Installations of fire alarms, stand pipes and other equipment at FPG, Inc. are provided by factory-trained crews with extensive training, experience and skill in providing the best in turn-key design and service. That's largely because we assume total control of every project we undertake – from concept, to completion and beyond, every step of each project is performed in-house by our designers, engineers, fabricators and field crews.

Perhaps the best evidence of our effective work is seen in our award-winning engineering department. Staffed with top-notch designers and engineers, we use the most modern techniques to provide the highest possible level of fire and life safety to our customers. The department even uses state-of-the-art programs like Auto-CAD, which contributes to the accuracy of the system's design, and aids in expediting every project.

The result of our work at FPG, Inc. is cost savings for clients and unparalleled security for those under their care. See why we've gained the admiration of government officials, municipalities, inspectors and more by undergoing services like fire pump testing and much more from FPG, Inc.