First Moments of a Fire

As most of the populace (and almost certainly all of the fire protection industry) understands, the first moments occurring after the outbreak of fire are the most critical concerning the amount of damage, the cost, and danger to human safety. The first moments of the fire are generally considered to be the most important because this is the time when the fire is most contained. As time passes, a fire can spread, even jumping from one building to another. Almost nobody knows this fact better than the team at Fire Protection Group Inc., which has over 200 years of combined experience in the fire prevention sector.

The team at Fire Protection Group Inc. knows about everything from standpipes to water pumps to fire escape ladders. All leading members of the group (which includes George Saadian who literally wrote a book on fire protection) have invested their careers in studying all aspects of fire prevention, including fire sprinkler systems as well as all of its sub-components. They’ve looked at the trends and studied the data and are attempting to lead in the industry in all categories.

One of these categories is NFPA25 testing, which is often a subject that flies off-radar for many customers. But it’s important nonetheless, and helps to establish that a building is capable of performing its primary fire prevention duties under stress. This is important, of course, because it helps to ensure that if a sudden fire were to occur, occupants of the building could get out safely before being harmed.