Fire Watch Services from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

When it comes to protecting your apartment complex, office building, or other large structure from the ravages of a sudden outbreak, testing of any and all protection systems is absolutely vital. When this testing happens, the systems oftentimes need to be taken offline temporarily in order to be fixed. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your building being vulnerable during these periods, because companies like Fire Protection Group, Inc. will help to make sure your building is safeguarded with a top-tier fire watch protocol.

For those unfamiliar with fire watch services, they’re usually used as a way of protecting a building against a sudden fire in the case of protection systems being taken offline, or even sometimes during construction. These fire watch teams are absolutely vital for fire safety during the periods when systems have been taken offline, and can help to bring peace of mind to both you and the occupants of the building that you own or manage, as well as to achieve full compliance with fire codes.  Fire Protection Group, Inc. is one of the best options for fire watch services because its team is widely recognized for its ability to provide complete protection.

Perhaps the best part of going with Fire Protection Group, Inc. is that the company has an incredibly experienced core leadership team, made up of lead engineer and general manager George Saadian, as well as Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. And with Saadian, Hernandez, and Holloway, two former high-ranking LAFD members and a widely respected author and expert, you can be sure that you’re being advised by the most thorough fire protection authorizes in town.