Fire Watch is a Valuable Service in Los Angeles

One of Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s most requested services is their fire watch patrol. This service is when a team of experts from FPG, Inc. is posted with their own fire truck at a particular location that needs extra fire safety supervision. A location could need fire watch services for many reasons, including when:


  • Fire sprinklers are taken off for repairs or testing.
  • Systems are turned off for filming, when lights and other equipment might cause them to automatically trigger.
  • An outdoor event needs extra protection when capacity issues create an unsafe situation.
  • The installation of any fire safety system while a business wants to remain open.
  • And many other circumstances where fire alarm systems and sprinklers don't provide adequate protection.


Fire watch is especially important in Los Angeles. For one, it's an arid climate with unexpected occurrences of rainfall. This means that a fire outbreak can be dangerously close at any time, necessitating stringent attention to preventing outbreaks. Fire Protection Group, Inc. has seen their fire watch patrols, as well as their fire safety systems and fire pumps for sale, act as pivotal agents in the battle against fire damage.

Secondly, the movie industry in Los Angeles creates some very unique situations that demand a fire watch patrol. As mentioned above, many locations will shut off their fire safety systems because of filming, as the heat from the lights and from there being so many people on scene can trigger some sprinkler and alarm systems. Fire Protection Group, Inc. has made numerous connections in the industry, who rely on the FPG, Inc. team time and time again!