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Fire Watch California

The television and movie industries in Los Angeles create many unique situations. A restaurant could be closed down for a whole day or the road we take home every day could be blocked off so filmmakers can create our entertainment. An interesting consequence of this is that organizers of movie shoots have to consider fire protection services to keep their actors, crew, and property safe. In those cases, they turn to companies like Fire Protection Group, Inc. to form a fire watch in California.

With wires and electricity and hot lights all around, a filming can create a potentially hazardous environment. A fire watch team should be on hand to quell any potential smoke or flare-up. This is especially important in instances where fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles have to be disabled (for example, if the heat projected from lights would set off a fire alarm, then the alarm is usually temporarily disabled).

Furthermore, taping can force a large group of people to congregate in a place that isn't capable of safely handling such a large mass. Maybe it's an outside shoot with a lone fire hydrant or an abandoned property. These situations require the staffing of an experienced fire watch in California. 

George Saadian, lead engineer and manager at Fire Protection Group, Inc., has worked on many such shoots throughout his illustrious career. When asked if anything interesting has ever happened on one, he said, "When you know how to do your job, nothing interesting happens." That's the kind of experience you should look for in your fire watch in California.
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