Fire Trucks Will Be Standing By

Fire protection services have never been more technologically advanced, but keeping them running properly can be a highly complicated matter and sometimes they have to be taken off line. When that happens, fire trucks are often needed as part of complete fire watch services – and that’s just one of the many services we organize here at Fire Protection Group, Inc., a leading firm for the full range of services needed to ensure that properties are fully protected at all times from the potential devastation of an out of control fire.

The truth of the matter is that fire is a threat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year. So, when standard fire protections – including alarms and water pumps – are offline due to needed repairs and upgrades, around-the-clock back up is needed to protect against an unexpected disaster.  That’s when fire watch services become crucial for fire safety.

Of course, fire watch is only a temporary stop-gap for the important fire protection services which are functional the rest of the time. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is proud to offer complete consulting and installation services on all types of prevention and fire-safety services. From fire alarm systems to warn occupants and standpipes to assist first responders in the event of a fire, to NFPA 25 testing to assure complete compliance with all relevant codes, we offer the full range of services owners and managers of properties need to minimize the very real threat posed by fire.