Fire System Inspections Don't Have to Break the Bank

Here at Fire Protection Group, Inc., we have built a strong relationship with many companies in the residential industry. This means we understand how much maintenance costs can be and how daunting it can be for a property manager or owner to have to add to these costs. We want to make your fire sprinkler inspection as easy and affordable as possible.

Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s dedicated staff has a collective 200 years of experience in the industry. This makes our inspection, maintenance, and repair services incredibly efficient. As you know, efficient and professional services translate directly into savings for the consumer. This is how we can guarantee an incredibly competitive rate for our regular inspection of your building's fire sprinkler systems.

More importantly, our team is qualified to handle a wide range of inspection and testing services, including the Los Angeles Fire Department's Regulation #4, California's Title #19, and the National Fire Protection Association's code 25. In fact, some of the people who work for Fire Protection Group, Inc. have played a vital part in writing or revising many of these codes. These regulations are set to guarantee the reliability of your sprinkler and fire alarm systems, guaranteeing that you do your legal duty to protect your tenants.

We're also expert in a wide-range of other fire protection services, which we can weave seamlessly into your fire sprinkler inspections. From fire extinguisher inspection to water and fire damage services, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can practically do it all. Give us a call today for a free proposal request!