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Fire Suppression Systems

More and more often, home and property owners are supplementing smoke alarms by adding fire suppression systems. According to the National Fire Protection Association's "U.S. Experience with Sprinklers" report, occupied homes with sprinklers increased almost 20% between 2007 and 2009. Recently built occupied housing units with fire suppression systems rose by over 55% in the same period. Now, why are so many residences turning to sprinklers for extra fire protection?

For one, it's safer. According to the same document, most fire deaths occur in the home. However, deaths from house fires are lessened by 83% in the presence of wet-pipe fire sprinklers. Fire alarms and escape plans can help residents survive if they are prepared. Fire suppression systems, on the other hand, isolate blazes, granting more time for occupants to leave. If a system doesn't outright subdue the fire, then it can prevent it from spreading until the Fire Department shows up.

Secondly, fire protection systems save money. Correctly-installed sprinklers only target the areas on fire, so your property that isn't at threat from a fire is not water damaged. Because they prevent the spread of the fire, the systems stop further loss of property. The average damage per fire with wet pipe sprinklers if $6,000, much less than $20,000 for fire damage without automatic extinguishing equipment.

Finally, fire suppression systems are incredibly affordable. The cost of sprinkler protection (according to a 2008 Newport Partners study) ranges from only $0.38 to $3.66 per covered square foot, depending on variables (for example, it's usually cheaper to install fire protection services during new construction). Plus, insurance companies and community planners frequently offer price reductions and incentives for installing sprinklers.

Only qualified companies like Fire Protection Group, Inc. can propel you through the sprinkler system process. George Saadian, general manager and lead engineer of Fire Protection Group, Inc., and his team have over 200 years of combined experience in fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles. Mr. Saadian provides free estimates, so call now at 888-732-4200 or go to

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