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Fire Suppression System

If you are involved in the building and/or management of one or more properties, there’s no doubt you have already spent a little time thinking about the best fire suppression system for the buildings under your supervision. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a leader in fire protection systems in Los Angeles. That’s largely thanks to George Saadian, general manager and lead engineer, and chief consultant Al Hernandez, a retired veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department with some 32 years of experience under his belt working on fire suppression, prevention, and investigations. If any two human beings understand fire systems in Los Angeles, it’s Messrs. Saadian and Hernandez.

Every building has its own needs when it comes to installing a fire suppression system, and there a variety of options available to bring buildings up to code. The good news is that the fire protection contractors of Fire Protection Group, Inc. have often been involved with the creation of codes and as well as possessing a thorough understanding of the reasons for the codes. When you turn to our resident professionals, you are going to benefit from truly expert advice.

Does your residential or commercial property require a fire sprinkler system, standpipes, emergency generators, fire escapes, or the latest in fire alarm technology? Whatever kind of fire suppression system you are considering, the first people you should talk to are the expert staff of FPG, Inc. They understand better than almost anyone how to prevent fire damage in the most effective and efficient way possible while meeting all local codes or ordinances.

For more information on home or industrial fire protection, please call (888)251-3488 or submit a proposal request now.

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