Fire Suppression Companies

We know there are many fire suppression companies in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles Counties to choose from. Too often, a fire suppression company without an especially attentive staff will be concerned with its bottom line above all, and you the customer are left with inferior customer service and subpar workmanship. You can count on the professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc., though. Our Fire protection systems are created by some of the most experienced engineers and workers in the business; our services run a wider range than our competitors; and we truly care about your safety.

We’re one of the most experienced fire suppression companies in our industry. By training our field crews and engineers so highly, we ensure the maximum level of professionalism, but it’s who trains them that is so impressive. George Saadian is one of the fire protection gurus at our disposal, and our chief engineer. He has such a far-reaching record in this business that several revisions to the existing fire code were written by George himself during the three decades he’s been in this business. We also count among our staff members a former Los Angeles fire chief. It’s clear, then, that for relevant experience, our team can’t be beat.

But experience only takes fire protection companies so far. Where we really excel is in range of service. We not only serve four counties; we provide clients with the full array of fire protection services including inspecting and testing, designing and building, and providing 24 hour emergency service from our massive operations center. From a fire pump test to a full installation of building sprinkler systems, we’re prepared.

Testing of systems we’ve built is free*, and rates for our service are highly competitive. In both cases this is because we’re genuinely concerned about safety.

*Call for details.