Fire Sprinklers Require Up To Date Pumps

While the sprinkler heads of a fire sprinkler system are usually the most visible part of the system, the real workhorse is the fire pump responsible for serving up the necessary water pressure exactly when it is needed. As an experienced fire safety engineer, George Saadian of Fire Protection Group Inc. knows this better than most. For years, he and his team have been developing and installing top notch systems to control the outbreak of a potential fire. In fact, Fire Protection Group has installed systems on over 30 million square feet of property in and around Los Angeles. While some of these are relatively simple fire alarm systems, others require complex plumbing and engineering to ensure the water can get where it needs to go.

But, to ensure that this happens when a fire breaks out, these fire pumps need regular fire pump testing from a talented fire protection firm like fire protection group. Because we design and install systems ourselves, we know far better than other competing inspection firms what possible problems may occur in a fire pump and how to fix them. Rather than having to go to different companies and sub-contractors to get all of your fire protection needs met, you can just partner with a full service company like Fire Protection Group Inc. Because the different aspects of our businesses inform one another, you can be sure that you are getting to best quality work out of each service that we offer. The safety of our customers is paramount to us, so we never sacrifice quality.