Fire Sprinkler Systems Only Deploy Where They're Needed

Unlike in romantic or exciting movie scenes, setting off one sprinkler in a building or pulling one lever of fire alarm systems don't trigger the whole system and drench a whole building of people. This cinematic myth sometimes makes the work of Fire Protection Group, Inc. much harder as people are concerned that water damage from an isolated incident is almost not worth the risk of installing fire sprinklers. Fire Protection Group, Inc. wants people to know that fire sprinklers are most often independently activated by fires, only deploying in the areas where they are needed.

This is especially crucial information for homeowners who perhaps have heard that water damage from fire sprinklers might cost more than the fire damage itself. Fire Protection Group, Inc. and international nonprofits like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) all know that this is simply not true. Studies suggest that automatic fire sprinklers can reduce the damage caused by fires by a large percentage, between 69% and 97% depending on the study. This, in addition to the fact that sprinklers often contain the spread of fire and sometimes completely put them out, means that they are incredible cost-saving investments.

Furthermore, if a home sprinkler system effectively manages to put out a fire in a home, then the firefighters who report to the scene don't have to use more water to put out the blaze. Firefighters, according to one report, use move than 9 times the amount of water that a fire sprinkler uses in order to control a fire. They can be less precise, as well, as it is their duty to prevent the spread of fires at any consequence.

Most importantly, however, fire sprinkler systems save lives. If you're interested in sprinklers, alarms, or fire pumps for sale from an experienced and reputable company, give Fire Protection Group, Inc. a call.