Fire Sprinkler Systems and More from a First-Rate Team

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., you’ll find a team that understands that fire and life safety is a never-ending proposition. That’s why we are dedicated to providing services that don’t only help defend your belongings and those under your care when fire is imminent, but ensure that uncontrolled fire is avoided to begin with. From fire sprinkler systems and pumps to NFPA25 testing, fire watch and consulting, business owners and property managers can all rest easy knowing their investments are protected by a first-rate team.

Much of the effectiveness of our team at FPG, Inc. comes from our adherence to the principles of a “turn-key operation”. This means that we assume total control of a project – from concept to completion and beyond. Every step of each project is performed in-house by a qualified staff of designers, engineers, fabricators, field crews and more. Perhaps even more impressively, our team consists of proven experts in the field like George Saadian, retired LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and former Captain Bob Holloway.

With such a distinguished team working together, is it any wonder that we’re often called upon for services like NFPA25 testing by business owners throughout Southern California? At FPG, Inc., our reputation and expertise has allowed us to become a global leader the fire protection industry, while completing projects that include sprawling university campuses, office and residential buildings, single family homes, skyscrapers and massive shopping centers. Whether you need renovated standpipes, fire pumps, alarm systems, or any number of similar fire safety services, you can trust Mr. Saadian’s team to offer truly impeccable service that you can trust.