Fire Sprinkler Inspection from Fire Protection Group, Inc. is Essential

In Southern California, strict building codes ensure that effective fire alarm systems are installed in most every building or venue that is open to the general public. However, due to the heightened risk of fire in the area, there is no such thing as too much precaution, and all-too-often, people let slide important measures like fire sprinkler inspection.

Fortunately, Southern Californians benefit from the expert skill and experience of the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. Combined, our team has over 200 years of experience, and our reputation and expertise has led to our becoming a global leader in the fire protection industry, even earning the respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors.

For those in search of first-rate fire sprinkler inspection, our efforts can prove to be a significant relief. We offer around-the-clock emergency service to our clients during the warranty period and afterwards for maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections, alterations, and emergencies, and our award-winning engineering department is without rival. We specialize in simple turn-key operations that ensure total control of fire sprinkler systems – from concept to completion and beyond – including inspection.

To achieve top quality production and fit, we even offer a state-of-the-art fabrication facility with an experienced, factory-trained staff of fabricators. This ensures that every team will have the ability to perform custom fabrication and move very quickly into every project, keeping your possessions and those under your care protected as soon as possible. For these reasons and many more, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is always the clear choice for your fire safety needs.