At Fire Protection Group Inc., when we say that we are a full service firm, we mean it. While some firms advertise themselves as a true provider of fire protection but only really offer a fire sprinkler inspection, we offer our clients the whole package. It all begins with the crucial step of actually installing these systems. It is important to note that because all buildings are different, so all of these systems need to be designed from scratch to account for different building needs and risk factors.

Luckily, our head engineer, George Saadian, and the rest of the team has extensive experience designing these fire sprinkler systems, which are fabricated in-house and then brought to your premises for installation. Every member of our team brings a different thing to the table, so we are able to notice potential problem areas and compensate with design before a fire occurs. The worst time to find out that a system is not functioning in the way that it should is when a fire has already broken out.

And, in addition to sprinkler systems, we also install and inspect fire alarm systems that are instrumental in alerting residents and workers of a building that a fire has broken out. These systems are crucial for successful evacuations, and are often the minimum requirement in providing employees and residents with a sense of safety and security. Yet, at Fire Protection Group, we go above and beyond the minimum, and work to ensure that your building is as safe for your employees as possible.