Fire Pumps from L.A.'s Finest Fire Safety Experts

Fire safety systems can be incredibly complex, especially in taller buildings where providing sufficient water pressure gets more difficult the higher up you go due to the forces of gravity. This is where the experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. get a chance to shine. They are experienced and efficient when it comes to providing fire pumps for sale for tall buildings that require them for life-saving protection. Most importantly, the engineering team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can professionally create a fire pump system that will perform even when electricity gets cut off because of fire damage.

Best of all, Fire Protection Group, Inc. creates all of our fire sprinklers, alarms, pumps, and standpipes in our in-house fabrication facility. This means our products are much more thorough, as they are custom-designed and built for each task at hand. Furthermore, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can completely streamline the process. We keep an impressive inventory of materials in our facility and then design and build them ourselves, allowing a much faster production for our clients.

If you need fire pump repair or installation or are looking for sprinkler or fire alarm systems, then give Fire Protection Group, Inc. a call. We offer a free proposal request quote for potential customers who want to weigh their options before committing. The staff here at FPG, Inc. truly believes that we offer some of the most cost-effective and comprehensive fire protection services in the field. Our team has over 200 years of experience in the industry and we can't wait to share that experience with you.