Fire Protection Group Inc., one of the leading service providers for fire prevention systems, has a team that boasts extensive experience with the Los Angeles Fire Department. The team includes Al Hernandez who worked with the LAFD for 32 years, eventually becoming Chief, and Captain Bob Holloway, who was in charge of construction services. George Saadian, who leads the team at Fire Protection Group Inc., knew he wanted to work with some of the best in the business, and that’s just we he’s doing.

After working with the LAFD for a vast portion of their careers, Hernandez and Holloway have an excellent understanding of most, if not all, facets of fire prevention systems. This includes everything from fire alarm systems to fire sprinkler systems, to standpipes that can help firefighters battle fires by giving them access to direct water sources on the higher floors of tall buildings.

Hernandez and Holloway also, of course, know about most of the ins and outs of fire sprinkler systems and all of the advantages that these systems can provide for building or home owners. Fire sprinkler systems can be especially beneficial for providing a first line of defense against fires quickly after they break out. These outstanding fire professionals also know about NFPA25 testing which is important for clients who want to make sure that all of their fire protection systems are regulated properly and ready to activate should the need arise. These tests are important not only for making sure systems pass any tests they may be put to, but also for making sure that should a fire break out, individuals in the building will have the best protection possible.