Fire Protection Systems by a Proven Team

Protecting a building, and more importantly the building’s occupants from fire is the most important function of any fire department. In the city of Los Angeles, the LAFD is one of the best equipped and best trained departments you can find. Their dedicated team get the job done, and go above and beyond to keep you safe. In the same category are companies like Fire Protection Group, which is also committed to keeping you safe. Our group, however, wants to help contain a fire before it has a chance to become a costly disaster. With our high quality fire control systems installed, like our popular and effective fire alarm systems, you’ll minimize the risk of major damage and loss.

At Fire Protection Group, we’re experts in the field, and are able to provide key insight through expert knowledge for superior results. Our group has over 100 years of combined experience to bring you a fully fabricated system custom made for your specific building. Whether your building is a high rise in need of stand pipes, or a more basic set up for a smaller structure, we have the fire control systems you need to kick up with the fire codes, and to also provide a safety net for your building’s occupant. After we inspect your building to create the ideal fire safety system, we also provide regular maintenance and testing, such as fire pump testing to ensure that everything continues to run optimally. No matter what your fire control needs are, Fire Protection Group is standing by to help.