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As a building manager or real estate developer, you no doubt know the importance of reputation when it comes to your business partners. Coffee for the break room can be cheap. Other business expenses require you to look closely at reputation. Never is that truer than when you hire a contractor for your fire protection sprinkler system. At Fire Protection Group, Inc. (FPG, Inc.) we take our reputation for fire protection systems seriously, and you’ll find us to be a company of sound principles, knowledgeable staff, and unparalleled service in our industry.

The benefits of a reliable fire protection sprinkler system are well-known. Since 1984, FPG, Inc. has been in the business of protecting our clients, along with their staff and families. With this tried and true method, flames are doused when pressure causes the sprinklers to release water, and the presence of that water in the air helps protect occupants from smoke inhalation by combatting airborne smoke particles. More than other fire suppression companies, the practice of making occupants safer in the buildings we serve is a measure of pride for us. As such, our sprinkler systems for high pile storage, pre-action and ESFR are some of the most reliable available.

Call us about the fire protection sprinkler system you need, and you’ll find yourself speaking to a highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Our engineers and managers bring decades of high level fire protection experience to their jobs, and field crews that the company trains are a highly skilled and carefully selected group of intelligent professionals. If you’re in need of contract work in the area of fire protection, or you’re interested in our fire protection consulting services, contact us today.

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