Fire Protection Group Truly Does it All

Because many buildings in Los Angeles already have fire sprinkler systems and fire alarms installed, many firms that advertise themselves as full service fire protection companies really only focus on the testing of pre-existing equipment. Yet, while one might assume that specializing on a specific service would make a firm more likely to have some competitive insight, the fact that they don’t also deal with designing and installing the systems means that there is a whole area of possible problems that they may miss. The absolute worst time to find out that something slipped by a system inspection company is when a fire has broken out, so it’s best to contact a qualified, full-service firm before that happens.

Fire Protection Group Inc., on the other hand, does everything from system design, fabrication, installation, and inspection of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Because we handle every step of the process, our ability to perform each step is informed and improved by the other areas of our work. And, increased expertise aside, businesses love that they can get a fire sprinkler inspection from the same people they know and trust to install a new fire alarm system. By building this strong relationship with our clients, we can better know their business and the infrastructure of their building layout so we can make future suggestions to even better protect their property and employees from a fire. In any industry, it is hard to find a company that offers both the depth and breadth of services that can be found at Fire Protection Group Inc.