Al Hernandez is hands-down one of the most experienced fire prevention experts in the Los Angeles area. He was a part of the LAFD for 32 years, during which he worked is way up to Chief of the department. He also led the LAFD’s Fire Prevention Bureau, and studied the aftermath of fires as an inspector. This kind of record shows that it would be hard to find somebody who knows more about the particulars of fire prevention in Los Angeles than Al Hernandez.

Amongst Hernandez’s areas of knowledge are things like standpipes and all of their various components. Standpipes, for those who don’t know, are systems of pipes that run through the infrastructure of a building. If a fire occurs, firefighters can use the standpipe system on the higher levels of a building so they don’t have to spray water in through a window or run a hose up the stairs. This helps firefighters because they can get a stronger water source closer to the direct location of the fire. 

Hernandez also, of course, knows about fire sprinkler systems and all of the facets of those systems. Fire sprinkler systems provide one of the best lines of defense against fighting sudden fires early on, and can not only prevent property damage, but can also save lives. On top of fire sprinkler systems, Hernandez also knows about NFPA25 testing which is great for clients of Fire Protection Group Inc. who want to make sure their fire prevention systems are up-to-date and ready to active should the need arise.