Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a One-Stop Shop for All Sprinkler Needs

With an experienced team who collectively share over 200 years of experience in the field, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can boast that they are a one-stop shop for anything pertaining to fire sprinkler systems. The company has experience with a wide range of clients, including managers and owners of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Fire Protection Group, Inc. can expertly handle any and all aspects of fire sprinklers, including the design, installation, maintenance, repairs, inspection, testing, and much more.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by George Saadian, who has worked with the Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler Technical Committee and the National Fire Protection Association, among other illustrious companies in the field. This means that we've got special expertise in all aspects of fire sprinkler inspection. We're knowledgeable in local, statewide, and national codes.

More importantly, Fire Protection Group, Inc. has talented individuals who can perform all necessary repairs and maintenance simultaneously with your inspection, saving you time and money by rolling these into one job. Of course, we won't do this without your approval, but if you want to save effort and expense, this is something we are more than willing to do.

Our expertise also extends to other systems in addition to fire sprinklers. This include fire pumps, standpipes, fire extinguishers, emergency generators, fire watch, fire escape assemblies, fire alarm systems, and much more. This means that we can take a look at your other fire protection systems while inspecting your sprinklers, saving you even more hassle. Call Fire Protection Group, Inc. for a proposal request!