Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a Leader in SoCal Fire Safety

Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a reliable designer and installer of fire alarm systems, sprinklers, and much more throughout Southern California. Our turn-key operations make us the prime choice for design, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler and fire protection systems as well as fire escape ladder options for various structures.

Our team at FPG, Inc. understands that fire and life safety is a never-ending proposition, which is why we're fully committed to long-term involvement in these matters. Led by our general manager and founder George Saadian, we provide our clients with resources and round-the-clock emergency service for maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections, alterations, emergencies and much more.

The engineering and design department at FPG, Inc. is staffed and fully equipped with top-notch designers and engineers who use the latest cutting-edge technology. By utilizing Auto-CAD, we're able to expedite every project – leading to substantial savings for our clients. Of course, no project can be completed without the coordination of a highly experienced team of project managers and support staff. That's why we employ full trained project managers to achieve our goals.

In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, many structures are required to undergo strict Regulation #5, Title #19 and NPFA 25 testing. This is important for maintaining a fire-safe premises, however, it can also cause stress for building owners and property managers. Fortunately, at FPG, Inc., we provide fire pump testing and much more to ensure your structure will be fit for certification