Fire Protection Group Inc. for Consultation Services

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has made its name by treating a serious matter seriously. Yes, we all know that fires can cause devastating harm, but not many of us understand the complexities of how to ensure that lives and property are safe. Fortunately, our team boasts many decades of experience working to ensure that business and residential properties are as fire safe as possible.

Our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is expert at all aspects of fires safety because we are comprised of many of the most experienced hands in the field,  George Saadian, our lead engineer and general manager, is a widely respected author and expert, who has personally helped to revise many of the fire codes that are now in force. He is joined by two outstanding veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD): retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, both of whom spent decades doing their part to make residential and commercial structures as fire safe as possible.

Fire safety is about stopping fires before they start but ensuring that, when they do start, their progress is impeded and occupants are able to escape the building. It might sound simple, but it’s actually a complex task. It make sense to all of us that such measures as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems can improve the level of safety, but just how to deploy these measures is a far more challenging task. Helping our clients to make their buildings as safe as possible in the smartest way possible, while keeping costs manageable and realistic, is what Fire Protection Group, Inc. is all about.