Fire Protection Group, Inc. Brings Remarkable Talent to Los Angeles

When it comes to fire safety, high-quality fire sprinkler systems are absolutely essential. Yet, they unfortunately remain one of the most overlooked aspects of any business or home safety plan. People tend to believe that, once a fire sprinkler system is installed, it is guaranteed to function at optimal levels. However, far too often, this is simply not the case. That's why regular fire sprinkler inspection is always a necessity, and when it comes to issues like inspection, fire watch or engineering and design, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is always the number one choice.

At FPG, Inc., our teams have garnered over 200 years of combined experience, which has led to our becoming a global leader, and even garnering the respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors. Furthermore, our engineering and design department is staffed with top-notch designers and engineers, who use the most modern techniques to ensure that the highest level of fire and life safety is incorporated into every project.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer testing and inspection of products that are designed and installed by FPG, Inc. free of charge. That includes sprinklers, fire alarm systems and much more. All of this began as the vision of our general manager and lead engineer George Saadian. In 1984, Mr. Saadian founded this company in order to make a substantial difference in the quality of fire prevention talent available to Southern Californians, and today, the results are remarkable, even as the need is greater than ever. Trust FPG, Inc. to protect your property and those under your care, and you won't be disappointed.