Fire Protection For Small Businesses

Starting a new business can be a frightening proposition for many reasons. It’s tough to grow a full staff from only a small handful of employees. It’s hard to find a niche in the local market. It’s hard to have a long-term vision of the company that can help guide it for decades to come. But there’s one other aspect of starting a small business, and that’s fire protection. Many small business owners and employees know that fire safety is important, but they don’t know about the specifics, regarding products like standpipes and fire ladders.

Luckily, Fire Protection Group Inc. is available for small businesses who want to get ahead of the problem, and make sure their businesses are better covered in case of a fire. With over 200 years of combined experience, the team at Fire Protection Group Inc. can help small businesses to cover their bases when it comes to everything from NFPA25 testing to outfitting an office building with smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system.

And when it comes to the installation of fire sprinkler systems the professionals at the Fire Protection Group Inc. are some of the most dedicated and savvy individuals in the business. One of which, is Captain Bob Holloway; a retired member of the Los Angeles Fire Department who spent the majority of his career in construction services. He knows, better than almost anybody else, the nuances and pitfalls of regulations and standards. And he’s just one example of the top-notch staff at Fire Protection Group Inc., which can help small businesses to overcome hazards and pass regulations.