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Fire Protection Equipment

One thing that separates the fire protection engineering team here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is the presence of an in-house fabrication facility for the production of fire system parts. This allows Fire Protection Group, Inc. to create custom fire protection equipment, ensuring the safety and well-being of the building they fit with fire sprinkler systems. The manufacturing space itself is incredibly modern and roomy, which means there is almost no limit to what can be constructed here. This spaciousness allows Fire Protection Group, Inc. to stockpile a massive cache of supplies, one of the largest in California.

Creating our own fire protection equipment also keeps costs low. Fire Protection Group, Inc. doesn't have to rely on other providers and fabricators for its fire protection equipment, so there is less mark-up due to the presence of middlemen. Plus, for those that value American-made good, this is the perfect solution to your fire suppression needs.

We pride ourselves on the experience amassed by our staff here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. We've accumulated over 200 years combined through designing, crafting, working on, engineering, and managing the creation of fire suppression systems. Our consultants also boast the establishment and creation of many fire safety codes. From the placement and up-to-dateness of your fire extinguishers to the compliance of your sprinkler system to all regulations, the consulting team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can truly make your space the safest it can be.

Call Fire Protection Group, Inc. today at 888.251.3488 or navigate to our online contact page for more information.

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