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Fire Protection Engineering

When you’re dealing with fire protection engineering, you are attempting to manage one of the most complicated, not to say dangerous, forces known to humanity. The unique physics of fire and how it acts on various kinds of structures is an evolving area of study; it takes highly trained, highly experienced individuals to know how to minimize both the risk and the potential damage and injury resulting from a fire. 

Lead engineer George Saadian and the rest of the expert staff at Fire Protection Group, Inc. are able to quickly a assess a building and decide what needs to be done to maximize both the prevention of fires and the level of fire suppression should a fire occur. They are knowledgeable in the ins-and-outs of numerous measures that are needed to bolster the quality of fire suppression systems in a building. When it comes to deciding whether wet or dry standpipes are best in a given circumstance, if a fire escape is needed, how many fire extinguishers are needed and where they should be placed, FPG, Inc. has the know-how to help owners of businesses and residences make all the crucial decisions.

There’s a great deal to the science and art of fire protection engineering and much of the work involves ensuring that a building meets all legally mandated requirements. George Saadian and his colleague, former veteran Los Angeles fire Chief Al Hernandez, are not simply experts on the existing fire codes. They actually helped to revise many of the regulations currently on the books. Few can match their collective experience and knowledge of this difficult and utterly crucial area.

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