Fire Protection Companies Aren’t All the Same

If you’re the owner or manager or a business or residential property who is trying hard to do their due diligence, you’ve likely looked into some of the fire protection companies that are out there. At Fire Protection Group, Inc. we’re very aware that our clients have a number of choices available to them, but we believe we offer a number of important advantages that not every company in the field can claim, and most of them boil down to two words: experience and expertise.

Our team boasts the presence of three of the most respected individuals in the Greater Los Angeles Area fire protection scene. George Saadian, our general manager and lead engineer, is a well-known expert and author in the field of fire protection. He has also been involved in revising many of the fire codes currently on the books. A noted veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), Captain Bob Holloway was formerly in charge of construction services for the department, and had a lot to say about the way L.A. buildings are constructed in terms of fire protection. Finally, retired LAFD chief Al Hernandez is also a noted expert who has inspected countless buildings to ensure that they were code compliant.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we’re here to ensure that you do everything needed to ensure that the lives and property under your care are as safe as possible. Preventing fires and limiting their potential damage is a moral and legal responsibility involving matters of life and death both for people and businesses. When you need assistance, you want the support of true experts and we’re here to help.