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Fire Protection

As a property owner or manager you're no doubt aware of your liability and responsibilities where fire protection is concerned. Making sure your tenants are safe is your job, but knowing the specific tasks involved in keeping them safe is not. At Fire Protection Group, Inc. we have been in this business for a long time, and we can take on the potential hazards with confidence and skill. Our clients' trust is not something we take lightly, and as such, we tackle each area involved in Fire Protection with equal fervor. From alarms, extinguishers and detectors, to fire pumps and sprinkler systems, to professional inspections, we have all fire protection systems covered.

Setting up a fire protection system first and foremost involves installing the components of a fire alarm system like a central control panel and safety interfaces that make sure the whole system functions as a whole. It's equally important to make sure your fire protection system has power at all times, without exceptions. Additionally, your facility should be equipped with obvious and accessible fire extinguishers and fire alarm initiation mechanisms, and more.

In larger facilities like towers and warehouses, it may be necessary to supply pressurized water to all areas in order to make sure sprinkler systems function with the correct pressure, thus aiding in industrial fire protection. The fire pumps and stand pipes that make up this aspect of the fire protection system cannot be installed by just any contractor.

Additionally, our professional field agents can perform fire watch on areas that have had their fire systems turned off, and our company performs inspections of fire systems, including inspections in preparation for further inspections by insurance and fire department officials. In this way you can be sure you're protected not just from fire, but from certain costly repairs demanded by an inspector.

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