Fire Prevention and Reliable Equipment from a Proven Team

In Southern California, the risk of uncontrolled fire is greater than ever. However, business owners and property managers can breathe a sigh of relief, because the region is also home to Fire Protection Group, Inc. – a team that believes fire and life safety is a never-ending proposition. Not only are we fully committed to providing expertly engineered equipment like fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, and emergency generators, but we’re also skilled and experienced at providing fire watch, consulting, and more.

What makes FPG, Inc. such an impressive leader in fire safety? Simply put – the proven expertise of our team, led by general manager and lead engineer George Saadian. With over three decades of experience in fire safety, Mr. Saadian is able to ensure top-quality and reliability from the products and services on offer at FPG, Inc. In fact, he is even a published writer on the subject of fire protection, and he has found and submitted many necessary revisions and additions to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standard.

This is why so many property owners and managers have elected to use FPG, Inc. to ensure successful Regulation #4, Title #19 and NFPA25 testing in Los Angeles and surrounding cities, counties anad municipalities in California. Our staff is licensed and approved to perform testing of all fire protection systems, as required by local and state codes, and we have aided many property owners who require upgrades to standpipes, sprinkler systems and other fire safety services. Simply put, if you’re looking for reliable safety for those under your care, you can do no better than FPG, Inc.