Fire Preparedness is all About Experience

Designing and installing properly functioning fire sprinkler systems requires the brightest engineering minds to work around the existing infrastructure of a building while ensuring the fires that break out in any high risk areas will be contained. Luckily, the engineering team at Fire Protection Group led by George Saadian has exactly the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to design the most complex and effective systems. While many businesses know Fire Protection Group as the go to firm when it comes to getting a regular fire sprinkler inspection, many are unaware that designing the systems is their real forte.

In addition to this unmatched academic experience, Fire Protection Group also has incredibly valuable field experience brought to the table by former fire department veterans Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Both of these men have decades of experience in the fire department and contribute valuable insight that one cannot simply learn in the classroom. Before retiring, Captain Bob Holloway was the head of the LAFD’s construction services department, so he is particularly experienced as it pertains to constructing buildings and systems with fire safety in mind.

In addition to their expertise with fire sprinklers, Fire Protection Group can also design and install fire alarm systems that prove crucial in alerting the workers or residents of a building whenever a fire occurs. These systems not only help people evacuate from buildings in a safe and timely manner, but they can also immediately alert the fire department to a fire, cutting down the all-important response time from the local fire station.