Fire Inspection in Los Angeles is More than Crucial

The Greater Los Angeles Area is world famous for many things: the entertainment business, our fabulous beaches and deserts, our attractive populace, and, on the less pleasant side of the scale, fires. It’s just a fact of life that our dry climate makes both populated and wilderness areas highly vulnerable to blazes. Fortunately, the right kind of fire inspection in Los Angeles from Fire Protection Group, Inc. can greatly reduce the chances of a failing prey to a fire, while also ensuring full compliance with all relevant codes and ordinances. 

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., the secret to our success clearly lies in the skill and experience of our team. Our lead engineer and general manager is George Saadian, one the L.A. area’s most respected expected experts who has helped to revise many of the fire codes currently in place. We are pleased to have two highly respected former members of the Los Angeles Fire Department on our team. Both retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway have helped countless owners and managers of residential and commercial properties make sure that both lives and crucial assets are as safe as possible.

Protecting a property from a fire is a legal, moral, and fiduciary responsibility, and regular inspections are a crucial piece of the fire safety puzzle. Therefore, please do not wait to get started developing a strategy to defend against the threat of a fire. Contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. today by telephone or over the Internet. We’re here to make you safer.