Fire Hydrant: Sometimes it’s all about Water

What’s the big deal about a fire hydrant? Well, when you think about it, water is a pretty amazing thing. It’s absolutely necessary for life, yet it’s something we post-industrial era human beings are mostly able to take completely for granted, give or take the not-so-occasional draught. It’s also, of course, very often completely essential for stopping fires, which is a why a fire hydrant can make all the difference in certain circumstances. It’s also one of the many fire-fighting tools that can be employed with the help of Fire Protection Group, Inc.

While there are many resources that exist to help people in charge of business or residential properties manage the fire safety of their building, not every one of them boasts the level of expertise that can provide real peace of mind.  Our team, however, is led by some of the best minds in the field.  Specifically, we are graced by the presence of two highly respected veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department: Captain Bob Holloway and retired chief Al Hernandez.  At the same time, our general manager and lead engineer is George Saadian, a renowned author and expert on fire safety who has been instrumental in revising many of the fire codes currently on the books.

Put together, it means that the team here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is among the very best when it comes to shielding life and property from the threat posed by fire. To find out more about what we can do, reach out to us by phone or e-mail today.