Fire Escape Ladders Save Lives

Sometimes in Los Angeles, a city that has expanded more outward instead of upward (unlike say New York or Chicago), it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that a building doesn’t need fire escape ladders. With plenty of space between buildings (which aren’t that tall in the first place), many think that a fire escape ladder is a redundant fire protection option. But this is not the case. In many sudden fire scenarios, stairwells can become crowded or blocked with people rushing out of the building to find safety. This means that having fire escape ladders can save lives. The team at Fire Protection Group Inc. knows this, and that’s why they offer some of the highest quality fire escape ladders on the market, as well as other helpful fire prevention components like standpipes and water pumps.

Along with standpipes and water pumps, Fire Protection Group Inc. also offers top-notch fire sprinkler systems that can help business and homeowners to save money, and most importantly, lives. Fire sprinkler systems are able to do this because they provide a first line of defense against a sudden fire outbreak. By blasting water immediately at the source of a fire, fire sprinkler systems can give firefighters more time to get from their station to the site of the fire, and may even put out a small fire all on their own!

Fire Protection Group Inc., led in part by George Saadian (who has been working in the industry for decades, and wrote a book on fire protection) can also help with NFPA25 testing, which is critical not only because it can help businesses comply with government regulations, but also because it can literally help to save lives.