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Fire Escape

Fire escape stairs might seem almost quaint and old fashioned. However, the fact of the matter is that, even in this high tech era, sometimes an escape ladder is not only a potentially lifesaving back-up escape route in the event of a fire, but legally mandated. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a company led by experts who can help owners of businesses and residences work out the best fire escape plans for their locations.

Led by fire safety expert and lead engineer George Saadian, Fire Protection Group, Inc. will not only assist you on selecting and installing the appropriate fire escape for your company, they will instruct whether or not one is needed or required at all. In many cases, other fire safety measures may be more appropriate.

All buildings are different and fire codes can be quite complex. As experts who actually helped to revise many of the currently existing fire codes, Mr. Saadian and his colleague, veteran Los Angeles firefighter Al Hernandez, will suggest exactly which fire safety measures are appropriate in your case.

Of course, allowing workers and residents to leave a building through a fire escape ladder is just one fire safety measure. Fire suppression and prevention are also crucial matters that can be dealt with through a number of means. Whether or not your building requires fire extinguishers, wet or dry standpipes, fire pumps, a standby generator for emergency power, the experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. are in a position to let you know exactly what is needed in your case.

For more information about all aspects of fire safety, please call (888)251-3488 or you may submit a proposal request now.

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