Fire Alarms Installed by Fire Protection Group, Inc. Save Lives

When it comes to protection against the danger of fire damage, constant vigilance is required. Fortunately, for residents of Southern California, the team of world-class experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is available to provide optimal service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With products like fire sprinklers and extinguishers, and services like inspections, consultations and even fire watch, George Saadian, Bob Holloway, Al Hernandez and the entire team is committed to providing a level of excellence that will provide you with necessary peace-of-mind.

A major part of what makes FPG, Inc. so effective is our award-winning engineering department. Using modern techniques to ensure the highest level of fire and life safety, we design fire pumps and other products that are invaluable to those looking to protect their loved ones and property. The department even has one of the most complete code libraries of various municipalities, plus the use of Auto-CAD, which contributes to the accuracy of our system's design. Not only does the cutting-edge technology lead to impeccable protection, but also a substantial cost saving for clients.

Of course, no project can be coordinated and completed without highly experienced project managers and support staff, which is why FPG, Inc. employs fully trained managers for every project, and a support staff that is dedicated to excellence in achieving each goal. Whether your needs involve installation or inspection of fire alarms, repair, maintenance, alterations or any number preventative measures, trust Fire Protection Group, Inc. to deliver truly life-saving results.