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Fire Alarm Test

If you’re a building owner, it’s vital that your fire alarm test routine be conducted with regularity, not just to remain in compliance with NFPA 72 standards, but to make sure the occupants of your building are safe.

It’s not just important to install reliable fire systems, but also to ensure that your systems are function properly. A regular fire alarm test can be as simple as visually checking to make sure nothing is impeding the functions of your fire alarms, or looking slightly more closely at your systems and check their wiring or look for other evidence of degradation or deterioration that may require maintenance. Your fire alarm test may uncover a necessity as simple as resetting the system, or calling someone to service your equipment.

A yearly, extensive fire alarm test, however, can be another matter. Code enforcers and insurance personnel will make clear the necessity of regular inspections of your fire alarm systems, and you probably already know the significance of such a fire alarm test. Calling on a certified inspector to make sure everything is in order keeps these code enforcers at bay. It’s important to hire an inspector with years of experience, in order to make sure the many complex aspects of your fire alarm equipment are addressed.

Different components have different testing procedures and testing frequencies. Getting it right can be tricky, but not for the team Fire Protection Group, where over 100 years of combined experience with fire alarm installation as well as other areas of fire protection, can be drawn on to ensure that your safety is never in question.

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