Fire Alarm Systems Much More than Levers and Sprinklers

Everyone has seen them: the wall apparatus stating something like Pull Here “In case of fire” or “In case of emergency.” But the fire alarm lever is just the tip of the iceberg for fire alarm systems. Even the most average system can be quite complex, and distinct to a specific structure. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is a premier fire preparedness and response company with expertise in the various interdependent features of a fire alarm system.

Fire alarm systems involve much more than the emergency levers and fire sprinklers that are most visible inside buildings. The systems include a control panel, and a scheme that interfaces with the fire alarm panel and initiating devices. The control panel is a fire protection system’s “brain,” serving as the central computing element to monitor, initiate and record. Fire Protection Group, Inc. ensures all of these elements are in sync 24 hours a day.

The interfacing system is essential in an emergency. For instance, this system will instruct elevators how to operate in case of fire. Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides professionally installed fire alarm systems to alert occupants of residential, commercial and industrial structures of fires and smoke. Fires can spread amazingly fast and every second of alertness makes a difference.

The alarm system as a whole needs mechanisms in place to ensure reliability. For example fire sprinklers are of little use without a source of water. In larger buildings the system may initiate pumps to get water to higher-up floors. Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides fire pumps for sale as well as fire pump inspections and other top-notch fire preparation and protection services.