Fire Alarm Systems Can Save Lives

Fires are sudden and frightening events. They can happen in the workplace or at home, and they burn everything in their path. When a nasty fire springs up, priceless family mementos can be turned to ash, computers can be melted like candles, and precious information stored on computer hard drives can be lost forever. And for the very unlucky, fire doesn’t only damage property; it also injures individuals, or even worse. The Fire Protection Group Inc., which is made up of professionals who have a collective 200 years of experience, know about the dangers of fire first hand. They have knowledge of everything from standpipes to, of course, fire alarms, and are happy to pass on their expertise to their customers.

And when it comes to expertise, Fire Protection Group Inc. boasts one of the most impressive rosters in the industry. It includes George Saadian, Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Amongst the three of them, they have the knowhow to deal with almost every possible issue regarding fire safety, from NFPA25 testing to fire escape ladders to fire alarm systems. They’ve seen (first-hand, after working for the Los Angeles Fire Department) what fires can do in tall buildings, and how fire alarms can help people to escape.

Bottom line: when it comes to anything in the fire prevention field, from fire sprinkler systems to fire pumps to city rules and regulations, it’s hard to imagine a better option than Fire Protection Group Inc. They have the team and the experience to help make sure almost any business or homeowner is properly protected and compliant.