When it comes to preventing fires in your home or business, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness of a fire alarm system. As a first line of defense, fire alarms help to inform a building’s occupants of a blaze as soon as it breaks out. Most importantly, it can help people avoid injury, and save untold dollars in damage to structures. The team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. is aware of the incredible importance of fire alarm systems, which is why they’ve made it their goal to provide the best systems possible, to as many clients as possible.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. doesn’t only specialize in fire alarm systems however. Led by an immensely experienced team that includes President and Chief Engineer George Saadian, and LAFD veterans Al Hernandez, and Captain Bob Holloway, the Fire Protection Group, Inc. can help clients in almost every arena of fire protection. This includes standpipes and standpipe installation, which can be important for helping fire fighters have access to direct water sources on the higher levels of a tall building.

Along with standpipes and fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems are also available from the Fire Protection Group, Inc. Like standpipes, fire sprinkler systems help to deliver water to the exact source of a fire, which helps to minimize the chance that the blaze will continue unabated.

NFPA25 testing is also available from the Fire Protection Group, Inc., which is vital for ensuring that buildings are both safe and code compliant. NFPA25 testing is critical because it helps officials to find and fix weaknesses in fire prevention systems, before they may have to be used in a real emergency. It’s just one more of our many important services.