Fire Alarm Installation

"Response times are an issue with all fire departments," says retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Alfred B. Hernandez. He adds, a "fire sprinkler…allows the fire department time to get on the scene and extinguish it." This is why it's incredibly important to have a thorough fire alarm installation for your home or business.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 3000 people die in home fires per year with thousands more injured. Properly installed fire alarm systems can help reduce these casualties, especially when coupled with fire sprinkler systems. A fire alarm installation can alert your family or residents to get to safety, while a sprinkler can contain the heat, flames, and smoke of a blaze until the fire department can reach it. Plus, proper fire protection costs only a fraction of what your home costs and can significantly reduce property losses. It more often than not reduces a home owner's insurance premiums, too.

Chief Hernandez now brings his expertise to Fire Protection Group, Inc., one of Los Angeles' premier sprinkler and fire alarm companies. With over 32 years of experience with the LAFD, Chief Hernandez uses his understanding of building and safety codes to help Fire Protection Group, Inc. give knowledgeable and valuable service. Moreover, the qualified and friendly team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is both basic and complex fire alarm test certified, meaning that they can monitor your alarm system in accordance to LAFD Regulation 4 standards. They can truly be trusted with your fire alarm installation.

To learn more, reach them at 888-732-4200 or via their website.