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Fire Alarm Companies

The safety of your home or business is paramount. As such, it's incredibly important to pick the best of fire alarm companies around. So, choose Fire Protection Group, Inc. to install your residential and business fire alarm systems.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. brings over 200 years of combined experience to your fire alarm installation. Their employees have worked for the Los Angeles Fire Department, written National Fire Protection Association regulation, and taught classes in fire sprinkler pipefitting, design, and engineering. They are truly leaders in their field and the pinnacle of what fire alarm companies should be.

You've already seen places that have turned to Fire Protection Group, Inc. over other fire alarm companies. Schools like the University of California Riverside and Loyola Marymount University protect their students with state of the art sprinkler systems. From the Grove to Burger King, customers can shop and eat securely. Even Edwards Air Force Base and the City of Redondo Beach have enlisted the services of Fire Protection Group, Inc.

They uphold craftsmanship and affordability, as well. Fire Protection Group, Inc. operates in-house, which ensures high-quality production and cuts out unneeded middlemen from the financial equation. George Saadian, general manager and lead engineer, has stated, "We're the only full service fire protection contractor in California that performs everything in-house." He adds, "Everything, including testing [is done] in-house. We don't use any subcontractors."

If you're interested in hiring Fire Protection Group, Inc. to install your commercial or residential fire alarm system, then ask about a proposal request. Their phone number is 888-732-4200 or they can be messaged through their website.

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