Find Fire Prevention Measures like Stand Pipes from FPG, Inc.

When it comes to your building's fire alarm systems and other equipment, you should never settle for less than the best possible protection – particularly in Southern California, where the threat of uncontrolled fire is unusually high. Fortunately, at Fire Protection Group, Inc., we've got over 200 years of combined experience completing projects that include sprawling university campuses to office buildings, residential buildings and more. In fact, since the founding of our company, we've completed over 30 million square feet of projects.

What makes FPG, Inc. such a formidable industry leader? We're headed by the impeccable leadership of our general manager George Saadian. As lead engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc. Mr. Saadian has been working in the field of fire prevention for over three decades. That's why it should come as no surprise that he brings impeccable skill to efforts like fire pump testing, monitoring and equipment design.

The team at FPG, Inc. utilized the approach of "turn-key operation", meaning we're the prime choice for design, installation, and maintenance of fire equipment like stand pipes, alarms and extinguishers. In fact, ours is an award-winning engineering department that's staffed with top-notch designers and engineers. Further still, the department has one of the most complete code libraries of various municipalities, and we even use Auto-CAD to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of design.

The work we do at FPG, Inc. leads to optimal protection for those under your care and cost savings to every customer. Simply put, if you're a property owner looking to protect your investments from the ravages of fire, our work is utterly invaluable.