Filling in the Gaps

Fire prevention is such an important effort that you can't afford to leave any important gaps. At the same time, no owner or manager of a building can afford to spend excessive money in a scattershot effort that may not produce any important result. Fire Protection Group Inc. is here to offer its assistance in terms of helping clients to make the most of their fire safety dollar while actually preventing fires.

After all, such matters as selecting from the many available fire sprinkler systems can hardly be left to chance. Lead engineer and general manager George Saadian is an acknowledged expert on fire prevention. He is a published author on the subject who actually helped to revise many of the codes currently in place through the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). That means he can help to ensure that a fire alarm or fire sprinkler inspection is set up in just the right way to ensure that your building is fully compliant while also keeping spending to a relative minimum.

Assisted by two highly respected veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, Mr. Saadian is one of the most outstanding resources managers and owners of business and residential properties can turn to. Getting the details of such matters as sprinklers, standpipes, and fire alarm systems right is a crucial matter that requires great attention to detail. Let the experience of the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. be your guide to ensuring that there are no important gaps in your fire safety regime.