Fighting Fires, Saving Lives

The team behind Fire Protection Group Inc. are some of the most experienced players in the fire safety business. Starting with George Saadian, a noted author on the subject, the team is immediately apparent as highly qualified and established in the industry. Along with Saadian, Fire Protection Group Inc. is also led by Al Hernandez, who was a chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department for over three decades. It’s this kind of experienced leadership that helps to ensure customers are getting some of the highest quality fire protection available on the market.

Fire Protection Group Inc. knows about almost every aspect of fire protection in existence, including everything from standpipes to water pumps to fire escape ladders to fire sprinkler systems. And speaking of fire sprinkler systems the team at Fire Protection Group Inc. has studied their field intensely, and seen first-hand, over and over, the importance of having an effective sprinkler system. This is because the system doesn’t only attack a fire as soon as it’s announced itself in a home or office, but also because it buys firefighters extra time to travel from their stations to the site of the fire.

The bottom line: there are few, if any, professionals in the business who know fire protection better than George Saadian and Al Hernandez. Luckily for the residents of Los Angeles, they’ve teamed up to bring the best possible fire protection to as many people as possible. And included in their list of options offered to customers is NFPA25 testing, as well as all the other fire prevention solutions listed.