Fighting Fire with Knowledge

Fire isn't personal. It doesn't care about anything but physics. So, fighting fire effectively with such tools as the right kind of alarms or fire sprinkler systems requires a vast understandable of this implacable force of nature – and that can only be learned through intense study and experience of the ways that fire behaves. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by some of the most knowledgeable figures in Southern California fire-fighting.

George Saadian is a well-respected authority who has written extensively on fire and helped to revise many of the codes currently in place via the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). As the lead engineer and general manager of FPG, Inc., he has provided masterful support and consultation relating to all aspects of such matters as the right kind of fire sprinkler inspection. Few people are better able to provide assistance that ensures full legal compliance while also offering the most complete possible protection against a fire.

Mr. Saadian's expert colleagues include retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez. As the former head of the LAFD's Fire Prevention Bureau, Chief Hernandez was intimately involved with the creation of fire codes and many other measures designed to prevent fires as widely as possible. Another member of the FPG Inc. team is retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway, formerly in charge of the oversight and approval of construction projects within Los Angeles.

With over 200 years of combined experience, our team is uniquely suited to ensuring that your residential or business property is safe and legally compliant as possible. From standpipes to fire alarm systems and a whole lot more, FPG, Inc. his here to be your personal fire protection expert.